How to Have a Peaceful Start to Your Day

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How to Have a Peaceful Start to Your Day Empty How to Have a Peaceful Start to Your Day

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Mornings too often begin with the loud buzz of an alarm clock, the cry of a baby, or the whine of a spouse who cannot find his socks. This immediate stress can leave us instantly frustrated and much more ready to go back to bed instead of approach the day. And when additional mishaps occur, the stress only builds, leaving us a tangled mess by the end of the day.

There is, however, a solution. By taking ten to thirty minutes in the morning and using it for relaxation, you will feel peaceful and ready to take on the world. Below are steps that you can take to start your day right.

Examine Your Mind

First, when you wake up, take a few minutes to examine your mind. This can be done through dream remembering exercises or even stream of consciousness writing. Keep a small notebook on your bedside table, and directly upon rising, record your thoughts. At the end of this activity, write one short self-affirming sentence such as “I am going to have a great day” or “I am calm and beautiful.”

Be at Peace

Having completed this writing, go ahead and get up and take your shower or bath. Before you dress, however, pause for a moment of meditation. If you’re a full-time mom or have roommates, this may have to occur in the bathroom; that’s okay.

Simply take five minutes, sit down with your spine straight, and breathe deeply. Think about nothing. Do your best to concentrate just on the in and out of your breath, and feel completely relaxed. As you complete the meditation, smile, and tell yourself that you will carry this peace with you throughout your day.

Have a Good Breakfast

After getting dressed, have a good breakfast. This sounds mundane, but being hungry will not make you a more peaceful person. By nourishing your body properly, that is, by not feeding it caffeine or excessive amounts of sugar, you can actually improve the functioning of your mind and your ability to react in certain situations. You may also consider taking a multi-vitamin for additional support.

When your day gets hectic, think back to your relaxing morning. Dwell on the workings of your mind discovered in the writing activity, consider the peace that you felt during meditation, and ponder the great breakfast you had. By holding these happy events in place, you are less likely to get distracted by minor mishaps that come up. You are strong and powerful, and you can choose to remain calm, healthy, and peaceful.


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