How to Find Cheap Business Meeting Space

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How to Find Cheap Business Meeting Space Empty How to Find Cheap Business Meeting Space

How to Find Cheap Business Meeting Space Rz7aiVJ

You and your clients or business colleagues need space to meet, and the major venues are already booked. Perhaps your meeting group wants to find a place to meet without paying a hundred dollars per visit. Below are some ideas to help you find meeting space for less.

1. Use restaurants that offer space to groups and classes that agree to eat there. These locations can be identified by following signs for one day driver’s education/defensive driving courses that advertise lunch included. These restaurants usually have a separate dining area that can be reserved for groups that agree to stay and eat for a specified period of time.

2. Most motels have meeting rooms. A cheap motel will have cheap meeting space. And unlike many office buildings that rent out meeting space, a motel will have ample parking during the week and often into the weekend.

3. Public schools often rent their auditoriums or cafeterias on the weekends. If your meeting will take place on the weekend and isn’t on a Sunday morning (when many churches rent public school auditoriums for service), you can use their facilities.

4. Contact private schools to rent their auditorium or cafeteria. They have the same type of facilities but fewer competitors for the space because few people are aware of this resource.

5. Many movie theaters advertise renting their screens for meetings and presentations. Contact the local theater if the meeting is not in the evening or on the weekend. If the local theater is out of your price range, consider using dollar theaters and second run theaters for that service. They may be available even on a week day evening due to low attendance.

6. There are businesses that only rent meeting space. However, any business that holds frequent meetings may have space to rent. Banks often have rooms that they can rent for a few hours. Large legal firms may also allow meeting space to be rented if it doesn’t interfere with their own client schedule.

7. Many mega-churches have built “whole life centers” or “life centers.” These buildings often include book stores, gyms, coffee shops and other amenities to keep their flock on the church grounds. With business slowing, their retail spaces and meeting spaces may be available for rent. An empty exercise room can have chairs added quickly to become a meeting space.

8. Multi-faith centers cater to many faiths. Many multi-faith centers will consider renting meeting space such as their classrooms to paying customers to help pay their own bills.

These are just some quick tips to help you find cheaper meeting space. If you are still stuck for a venue, why not start networking either in person or online to see if someone you know might have an idea. You might be surprised at the different options that are available for lower cost meeting space.

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