How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle at the Same Time

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How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle at the Same Time Empty How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle at the Same Time

How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle at the Same Time OXYqJyR

There is a misconception in the media that you can't effectively lose fat and gain bulk (as in muscle mass) at the same time. This is false and untrue. Weight loss is more easily attainable when you include a weight lifting component in your training regime. Why is this is this so? Weight lifting not only burns calories, but the muscle that you build burns calories when you are at rest.

To maintain your weight you have to eat a certain amount of calories (this will vary for each person). As an example, let's assume that you need 2000 calories a day to maintain your weight. If you only consumed 1500 calories a day for a week, then you would lose a pound of body fat (this principle is the same for all people).

When your body runs out of energy in the form of food calories, it burns fat stores. As you increase muscle, your body requires more calories simply to make it through the day. Your baseline shifts and any shortfall is burned off in the form of fat loss, provided that you maintain a weight lifting program.

Gaining muscle in order to burn fat is a fairly simple process. Muscle gain is related to the intensity and duration of your workout. Muscle is generally only gained through heavy weight lifting (80 to 95% of your maximum possible). Do as many repetitions to failure as you can (until you can lift no more), making sure to get in at least three sets with each exercise.

If you find that you are having a hard time doing one of your sets, simply lower the weight and do as many repetitions as you can (the heavier weight will get easier as time goes on). Muscle is gained through stress and repair of the muscle. Doing a lot of repetitions at a low weight will not stress the muscle sufficiently to promote greater strength or muscle mass. The larger your muscles become, the stronger you will be, and the more weight you will be able to lift.

In terms of protein, it is important not to consume more than your body needs. You should only be consuming the average amount of protein that a person of your height and weight requires in a day. Too much protein is just added calories to your diet that you don't need, which will eventually cause you to gain fat.

Weight loss and muscle gain go hand-in-hand. To burn calories you need to use your muscles, and muscles are best worked through weight lifting. Follow these principles and you will be on your way to stronger and thinner you.

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