How to Increase the Visibility of Your Small Business to Customers

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How to Increase the Visibility of Your Small Business to Customers Empty How to Increase the Visibility of Your Small Business to Customers

How to Increase the Visibility of Your Small Business to Customers 1ayNnZL

Having your small business listed on the Internet is not what it used to be. The competition for potential customers has gotten increasingly competitive. As more and more companies realize that the Internet is the venue of first choice when looking for products and services, the field has become crowded and it is easier to be lost in the crowd.

Being noticed by customers has always been one of the most important aspects of running a small business. How to be noticed by prospective customers has evolved through time from newspaper advertisements, radio, and television spots to today's ever-evolving Internet.

The early days of Internet advertising were fairly straight forward; not too much different than that of the other medias. Once companies realized the potential of the Internet, the need to be noticed increased and companies found that trying to modify print media techniques to the Internet would not work. The banner advertising and pop-up advertising did not get the customer traffic that was needed.

Using hypertext links to the company's home page worked to a point but navigating within the website itself could discourage a potential customer if the navigation was not user-friendly. The source for all potential Internet customers is the search engine; the goal is getting the search engine to direct customers to your web site and not your competitors.

Where the search engine places your web site can make the difference in how successful you are in attracting customers. Research has found that web surfers seldom go past the 2nd or 3rd page in the search results when they are looking for a company or product. Getting your web site on the first page of results is what every company strives for. Fortunately, there are ways of of increasing your search engine ranking.

First, your website has to provide the search engine with the keywords that the user is looking for: the most important keywords should be in the title tag. Linking your website to your homepage will allow the search engine to index your web pages so that keywords are not buried in a body of text.

Linking to other web sites that are not in direct competition with you will bring you more exposure to the market and will diversify your search ranking position. Go to the top-ranked website for your search term, right-click and select "view source'". See what that site is doing, and copy it.

By placing an anchor tag on the website that will direct the reader to content found on the site, a search engine would also index this link. The more content that you have, the more the search engine will have to index. The quality of the content and user guides that are available to the reader will also enhance the over all worth of your site.

Getting help from the search engine company itself can also help. Sometimes keywords are too common or popular to be effective for your niche; the tools offered by Google and other search engines can help you to identify effective keywords for your industry.

After you have made efforts to increase your ranking in the search engines, check the results of what you have done. If your placement has risen, congratulations; what you did worked. If not, it may be time to consult with an SEO expert. There is no point in having a great website that no one can find.

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