How to Deal With Roadblocks to Success in Life

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How to Deal With Roadblocks to Success in Life

Why do we not do what we know we should or want to do? Often, the reasons are roadblocks we put before ourselves in the guise of others. Recognizing these roadblocks can help us get over them.

Roadblock: They’ll make fun of me / judge me / criticize me.

Realization: If doing this is better for me, then it is more important than possible criticism, jokes or judgment.

Detour: What is the criticism? If it is of possible failure, incorporate those ideas into a plan to minimize the risk of failure; then go for it! If they are unfairly critical, they may not be real friends. They may be jealous of your potential success or resent that you are trying what they never have.

Roadblock: It might go wrong or fail.

Realization: Not trying is to fail.

Detour: Realize that if you fail, at least you tried. Also plan an exit criterion so that if the project begins to go awry that the failure is not a disaster (such as a business failure landing in bankruptcy, but having a plan to sell it before you go deeply into debt). Plan what would be needed to catch you when it does fail, such as a large emergency fund before starting your own business. Plan what you may need to succeed, such as a legal review of all contracts and business plans before starting. Then try!

Roadblock: I’m just waiting for the right opportunity.

Realization: Waiting is easier than acting. Choosing to wait for perfection that may never come is procrastination and work avoidance. True success requires both an eye on potential opportunity and the effort to build on it.

Detour: What are the necessary conditions you visualize for success? List them. Identify what conditions are met and those that are not. Then develop a plan to create those conditions you need. Then, most importantly, act on the plan to make it happen!

Roadblock: It is difficult.

Realization: Not trying is to fail.

Detour: Realize that if you attempt the project or goal, at least you tried. Anything learned from a failure improves the odds of success later. Plan a stopping place so that if the project begins to go awry that the effort is not a disaster (such as a home remodeling project running out of funds halfway through).

There will always be roadblocks on the path of life. The key to not being held back by them is to recognize how to effectively deal with hurdles that are inevitable. Remember that every failure brings you that much closer to success. Like the inventor Thomas Edison once said: "I haven't failed; I've found 1000 ways that don't work".

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